Video Questions and Answers with Dr. Jerry McLaughlin

These 2-3 minute video clips cover some of the most common questions about paw paw. Here is a list of the videos that we made available. Simply scroll down the page to get to the video that you want.

Is paw paw safe to use with traditional cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation?

How does paw paw work with chemotherapy to fight drug-resistant cells?

Can the use of paw paw reduce the need for higher chemotherapy dosage over time?

Are there any types of cancer for which paw paw would not be suitable?

What did Upjohn Co. (now Pfizer) find when they ran tests comparing paw paw to the chemotherapy drug Taxol?

Can a person start out with a lower dosage to test its effect?

Can paw paw be used with radiation therapy?

Is paw paw safe to use with other alternative cancer treatments, including antioxidants?

With what kinds of cancer has paw paw been used successfully?

Can paw paw be used topically for skin cancers such as melanoma?

Are there any known problems with using paw paw with any known medications?

Can paw paw be used as a cancer preventative?

What is the optimum dosage? Can you take more or less? How should you space the dosages each day?

What is the latest research on paw paw being used with Mangosteen juice or other strong antioxidants?

What are the differences between paw paw and graviola/other similar products, and why is paw paw preferable?