Other Paw Paw Resources

We are always looking for more resources on paw paw to share with our readers.  If you are aware of any, please let us know via our contact page.

Steven Horne of Tree of Light Publishing put out a handout about the only standardized pawpaw product available.  Good quick source of information.  Published in 2003, some of the information about the antioxidants is a little outdated since recent tests by the Josephine Ford Cancer Center in Detroit indicate that using antioxidants with pawpaw does not interfere with the pawpaw action.

Recommended Links

Paul Winter's Alternative Cancer site.  This site has one of the best layman's explanations of the action of pawpaw on cancer cells that we have found.  Paul is a cancer survivor who has put together this website talking about several different types of alternative cancer treatment.  Also has sources for the pawpaw formula developed by Dr. McLaughlin.

Healthy Sunshine. Best source of Dr. McLaughlin's paw paw formula. Wholesale prices, reliable, quick, and they know the product likely better than anyone else. Highly recommended if you are interested in purchasing and are located in the United States. Use their international site if you are outside the United States.

Wikipedia pawpaw article.  Good online encyclopedia article on the pawpaw.  Note that it covers several species of pawpaw--most of them not used in pawpaw treatment.

Purdue NewCrop FactSHEET.  Good general information on the pawpaw plant.

Self-HelpCancer.org.  This website is run by John Davidson in the United Kingdom. John is a cancer survivor that put together this site with the main goal of helping to raise public awareness and to provide information concerning the complementary treatment options available to cancer patients.  Brief discussion of paw paw treatment here.

Kentucky State Research Project.  This site documents the work of Dr. Kirk Pomper, who is involved in researching paw paw as a fruit crop.  Lots of interesting information here for those who might be interested in growing paw paw.

Annie Appleseed Project. Information, education, advocacy and awareness on complementary, alternative, natural cancer therapies.