Library of Articles Concerning Paw Paw

The following is a list of articles written by Dr. Jerry McLaughlin and others about the pawpaw and its properties, including anti-tumor. We are attempting to get permission to make more available to our readers. However, various copyright issues present a problem in this area. If you would like a list of all 324 papers written by Dr. McLaughlin, you can view this pdf file. Dr. McLaughlin also holds 9 patents on the paw paw.

There is a sizeable number of technical articles that have been written concerning the application of pawpaw with cancer and for other uses. Unfortunately, most of them are copyrighted by organizations that will not allow them to be published on the internet. As mentioned, we are attempting to gain permission for printing at least portions of some of the more significant articles in the interest of public health and safety. Click here to see a list of many of these articles copyrighted by the American Chemistry Society.